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Z Mornings with Tiffany and Tyler

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Tuesday, January 20, 201501/20/2015

A truck barely missed the car. Accident from NJ Turnpike

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I am no longer going to drive behind any semi trucks


Tuesday, January 20, 201501/20/2015

Starbucks Drive-Thru. Sling Blade style

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Love how in order to do the voice he has to make the same face as Billy Bob


Sunday, January 18, 201501/18/2015

Thieves Decided to go to Burger King and take selfies with a stolen IPod and Cash

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They didn’t understand how the “iCloud” worked


Sunday, January 18, 201501/18/2015

Foo Fighters in Chile – Crowd Loved To Sing, SO They Went With It

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Looked like a lot of fun!


Saturday, January 17, 201501/17/2015

Old Man Kicks One Of The Most Deadly Snakes In The World.

In Z Mornings Blog

Either ill look badass or ill die a little sooner


Friday, January 16, 201501/16/2015

Guy Shoots Rocket Under The Ice Of Frozen Lake

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All fun and games until a Russian submarine shoots a firework back.


Friday, January 16, 201501/16/2015

Four Guys Prank Cops by Telling Them There’s “Coke” in Their Car

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How to sell Coke and get away with it.


Friday, January 16, 201501/16/2015

Announcer on “The Price Is Right” Bites It on a Treadmill

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He was being goofy by jogging backwards, and it didn’t quite work out for him. He’s okay though.


Thursday, January 15, 201501/15/2015

This Is Why You Don’t Lock Your Dog In The Car

In Z Mornings Blog

I love how unfazed he is by the crowd

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