Z Mornings with Tiffany & Tyler

Z Mornings with Tiffany and Tyler

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Saturday, February 7, 201502/07/2015

Airplane Snore

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If she were not in the background I would have a very hard time placing that sound as human


Saturday, February 7, 201502/07/2015

Bird Touches Wrong Wire And Explodes

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I bet it smelled amazing at that intersection for a good 5 minutes


Saturday, February 7, 201502/07/2015

Rage Against The Machine in 1993 (Killing In The Name Of)

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Friday, February 6, 201502/06/2015

Elderly People Wear Virtual Reality Headsets And Watch Porn

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A bunch of senior citizens recently agreed to watch PORN using a virtual reality headset.


Wednesday, February 4, 201502/04/2015

TransAsia Plane Crash-landing in River Caught on Dashcam

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That was intense!


Tuesday, February 3, 201502/03/2015

Watch Seahawks And Patriots Fans React To Game-Ending Interception

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Watching fans’ dreams die never gets old.


Monday, February 2, 201502/02/2015

Esurance: Breaking Bad commercial; “Say My Name: Extended Cut”

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Those pills were undoubtedly better than her prescription.


Sunday, February 1, 201502/01/2015

Metal Bruce Almighty

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He like to do the CHA CHA CHA . . . with some Metal


Saturday, January 31, 201501/31/2015

Bill Belichick Addresses Deflategate Before the Super Bowl

In Z Mornings Blog

Could be the best speech ever!

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