Z Mornings with Tiffany & Tyler

Z Mornings with Tiffany and Tyler

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Wednesday, April 22, 201504/22/2015

Green Day HS concert ’90

Before they were famous…


Tuesday, April 21, 201504/21/2015


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The only thing missing is, “Hey hold my beer and watch this!”


Tuesday, April 21, 201504/21/2015

77 Times

Reds Manager Bryan Price Goes on a Profanity-Laden Tirade Against the Media


Monday, April 20, 201504/20/2015

Welcome Home Soldier/Dad!!

Best Photobomb Ever.


Monday, April 20, 201504/20/2015

When Silverbacks Attack!

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They’re going to need thicker glass…..


Monday, April 20, 201504/20/2015

Batman vs. Superman Official Trailer

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Dennis Quaid appears as a guest on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Thursday, April 16, 201504/16/2015

Dennis Quaid’s Freakout Video was just part of a Funny or Die Sketch

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Dennis Quaid’s on-set meltdown video might have been a prank after all., watch the hilarious video here!


Wednesday, April 15, 201504/15/2015

An Actor Does Some Great Impersonations of Robin Williams

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An actor named Jamie Costa paid tribute to Robin Williams by posting a video where he does 20 great impressions of him.


Tuesday, April 14, 201504/14/2015

ISIS Suicide Bomber Explodes in Mid-Air

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As the truck took the hit, the explosives went airborne and exploded midway through the air.


Tuesday, April 14, 201504/14/2015

Dennis Quaid Freaks Out On Set (Explicit Content)

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He seemed to be mad about someone coming onto the set who shouldn’t have been there, but some people think it’s a prank from Jimmy Kimmel.

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