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Wednesday, April 1, 201504/01/2015

Mime Through Time by SketchSHE

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Buckle up as SketchSHE take you for a ride through the ages! (Contains hip thrusting, low riding and head banging…obviously.)


Tuesday, March 31, 201503/31/2015

Vince Neil Massacres the National Anthem

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Is he on drugs?

Celebrities attend Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber

Tuesday, March 31, 201503/31/2015

Martha Stewart Kills It At The Bieber Roast

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I died at the ‘African American rich’ joke. That was amazing.


Monday, March 30, 201503/30/2015

Y’all got a cigarette?

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That lady had quite the deliberate stride


Sunday, March 29, 201503/29/2015

The Rock Was Hilarious Last Night On SNL

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Click here and watch the highlights!


Sunday, March 29, 201503/29/2015

What If ‘The Walking Dead’ was mashed up with “Zombieland”

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Ok, let’s make the movie!!


Saturday, March 28, 201503/28/2015

What Happens When A Monkey Meets Puppies?

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Well, that’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Internet.


Friday, March 27, 201503/27/2015

Will Ferrel and Kevin Hart Eat Vegemite

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Wow that interviewer plays his role perfectly, I thought this was going to suck


Friday, March 27, 201503/27/2015

PODCAST: Kari Burgess on The 4th Annual USO Ten Miler, 5k, and Fun Run

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USO’s biggest fundraiser is happening tomorrow near Gate 10 at Fort Campbell.


Friday, March 27, 201503/27/2015

A Terrifying Video Of Distracted Teen Drivers

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Oversteering is the problem

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