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Z Mornings with Tiffany and Tyler

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Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

Robot Metal Band Playing “Ace of Spades”

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Drummer is metal as f-ck. Spiky spikes. 4 hands.


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

Guy Pranks Girlfriend By Fake Blowing Up Their Kid On An ATV

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He might be single after this…


Monday, October 12, 201510/12/2015


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“Yeah, I f*cking said it and I don’t regret it. So before we go any further, ‘f*ck Kanye, f*ck Kanye, f*ck Kanye,” leading a chant.

This is my image caption

Monday, October 12, 201510/12/2015

MUST SEE: “Mad World” Video Made By A U.S. Marine of the Sangin Valley, Afghanistan.

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The Mountain Dew was a nice touch at the end.


Sunday, October 11, 201510/11/2015

Call Of Duty Players Try Military Combat Gear

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Thank you to all veterans and active duty military for your service. You give us the freedom to frag noobs all day.


Friday, October 9, 201510/09/2015

Tiffany and Tyler chat with Army Vet now Anti-Poacher Kinessa Johnson

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Don’t let her good looks fool you, she’s one bad ass woman!


Tuesday, October 6, 201510/06/2015

MUST SEE: Spongebob Sings Black Sabbath

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This is going to scare the hell out of some kids!


Tuesday, October 6, 201510/06/2015

Boston Sunfish SUPERCUT!

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This is the best thing ever!


Tuesday, October 6, 201510/06/2015

Twelve Coworkers Find Out They Hit the Lottery for $46 Million

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Dennis Cartier is the guy who bought the tickets, and he found out on a Saturday. But he didn’t tell any of the others until their morning meeting the following Monday.


Monday, October 5, 201510/05/2015

MMA Fighter Literally Gets The Sh*t Beat Out Of Him

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Hate to be the guy that has to clean that.

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