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Z Mornings with Tiffany and Tyler

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Monday, May 4, 201505/04/2015

Boy At Baseball Game Uses A Smooth Move To Impress Young Ladies

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…..and that’s the play of the game


Saturday, May 2, 201505/02/2015

Did Five Finger Death Punch Break Up Last Night in Memphis?

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They walked off stage 3 times last night


Friday, May 1, 201505/01/2015

The Face Of Deception

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He looked like he just found out his entire world was a lie.


Thursday, April 30, 201504/30/2015

Dean Deleo stops Stone Temple Pilots show to kick heckler out

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You can hear the heckler around the one minute mark saying “You’re not Scott”


Thursday, April 30, 201504/30/2015

An Orioles Announcer Calls the Game Like It’s a Golf Match, Because No One Was There

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The Baltimore Orioles played the Chicago White Sox yesterday . . . without ANY fans in the stadium, because of the riots


Monday, April 27, 201504/27/2015

Comedian discovers 2 way mirror in Ladies Room

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Wow…. just… wow.


Monday, April 27, 201504/27/2015

Kid solves Rubik’s Cube in 5 seconds!

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Yeah he broke the world record…. his fellow students are WAY excited.


Friday, April 24, 201504/24/2015

Never Flip off a Monkey

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You’ll get a swift drop kick.


Friday, April 24, 201504/24/2015

System of a Down – Live in Armenia

System of a Down performing in their homeland of Armenia April 23rd.


Thursday, April 23, 201504/23/2015

Surprise! I can walk!

In Z Mornings Blog

A girl who was paralyzed surprises her favorite nurse… by standing up.

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