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Z Mornings with Tiffany and Tyler

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Monday, July 20, 201507/20/2015

BEST PRANK: Wakey Wakey With A Chainsaw!

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The stuff nightmares are made of!


Monday, July 20, 201507/20/2015

AC/DC’s Phil Rudd Curses Out And Threatens a Cameraman and His Own Security Guard

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Nah, he’d never threat anyone!


Sunday, July 19, 201507/19/2015

A Metal Cover Of ‘Stayin’ Alive’

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Open this pit up!


Sunday, July 19, 201507/19/2015

MUST SEE: Mick Fanning attacked by 2 sharks during J-Bay Open Final

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So lucky he got away


Friday, July 17, 201507/17/2015

A Remote-Control Helicopter That Fires a Handgun

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Some guy built a remote-control helicopter that fires a HANDGUN. It looks like a normal quadcopter, but there’s a gun attached to the front.


Friday, July 17, 201507/17/2015

MUST SEE: Incredible Basketball Trick Shot!

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That’s actually so difficult that I’m really impressed no matter how many times he tried before getting it.


Friday, July 17, 201507/17/2015

Company Spends $40k to produce commercial to sell $33mil home in Hollywood.

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You can drink wine in every room of the house


Thursday, July 16, 201507/16/2015

Jedi With a GoPro

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Dude, this is impressive!


Tuesday, July 14, 201507/14/2015

Tom Cruise Has Serious Balls

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“Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” – Tom Cruise Talks About Hanging Off the Side of a Plane


Monday, July 13, 201507/13/2015

WATCH: Members of Soulfly, Korn, FFDP Cover of AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’

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During the 2015 Hellfest, a few artists sat around and re-made this classic song

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