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New virtual reality theme park in Utah looks very, very promising.

The music had me expecting Batman to show up at any moment


Guy plays Enter Sandman backwards, then plays video backwards. Result is amazing

This man is singing harmonies backwards… I can’t even hold melody forwards


Mike Keith “Voice of The Titans” talks about the NFL Draft and the Titans Caravan coming to Clarksville with Tiffany and Tyler

Mike tells us everything we need to know about the #1 draft pick from the Titans and what to expect from the Caravan tomorrow in Clarksville


Did Five Finger Death Punch Break Up Last Night in Memphis?

They walked off stage 3 times last night


The Face Of Deception

He looked like he just found out his entire world was a lie.


Dean Deleo stops Stone Temple Pilots show to kick heckler out

You can hear the heckler around the one minute mark saying “You’re not Scott”


An Orioles Announcer Calls the Game Like It’s a Golf Match, Because No One Was There

The Baltimore Orioles played the Chicago White Sox yesterday . . . without ANY fans in the stadium, because of the riots


Kid solves Rubik’s Cube in 5 seconds!

Yeah he broke the world record…. his fellow students are WAY excited.

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