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Man Takes An AK-47 Bullet To The Head Like The Terminator

I’m definitely adding him to the list of people I want to be with during the Zombie Apocalypse


Every YouTube Unboxing Video Ever

I watched this entire thing. A guy unboxing a sandwich.


Mega Slide In Texas! Would You?

Why is everyone in this video attractive?


Perfect Example Of People Who Wear TAPOUT

I knew exactly what video this was going to be, and i was not dissapointed


Monsters of Rock’ 8-Bit Video Game

How cool would it be if this were a real video game?


Smash Mouth Singer Throws Tantrum

Maybe he’s so angry because he’s jumped on the gluten free bandwagon?


Chris Pratt Dinosaur Prank

Love how Chris didn’t act like a dick about it.


Guy Straps On A GoPro While At A L.A.R.P.

What a rediculous amount of time to be alive!

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