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HILARIOUS: Screaming Deer In Japan

It makes a strange whining sound, then goes to a flat out hilarious scream!


Woman Puts Down Massive 13lb Sandwich In About As Many Minutes

She took on the Big Fatty, which contains cheesesteak, cheese burgers, pastrami, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and much more, all on 27″ piece of garlic bread.


Don’t Tip The Backup Dancer When Your Wife Is In The Same Room

His friend’s little high-step maneuver is a perfect example of a ‘nope’ exit.


Is There A Secret Menu At McDonalds In Clarksville?

Tiffany and Tyler go out all morning to find out if any McDonalds have a “secret menu”


Someone Playing A Sousaphone Destroys The KKK March

I’ve never seen someone with a sousaphone and thought “There goes a hero” until today


Foo Fighters Had Their Doctor + Sully From Godsmack Perform With Them In Boston

Dave Grohl had his surgeon on to do a cover, then Sully from Godsmack!


BEST PRANK: Wakey Wakey With A Chainsaw!

The stuff nightmares are made of!

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