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The Best DIY Project We’ve Ever Seen!

It’s a overhead control panel for this man’s computer, with every button is a shortcut.


MUST SEE: TNT Take On Rikki Rockett From Poison

We heard that Rikki is a black belt, so we took him to SSF to find out if he can take on TNT


JJ Watt Casually Throws Pass To Fan In 2nd Deck.

The throw back wasn’t too shabby either


WORLD RECORD: Guy Jumps Off 200 Foot Cliff Into Water

Combined Testicular Mass- 10 lbs or 4.54 kg.


Marco Rubio Hits A Kid In The Face With A Football In Iowa

Rubio was playing some football on the campaign trail in Iowa when one of those very bad campaign trail moments happened.


TNT interview with William Merideth (Guy Who Shot Down The Drone Filming His Daughters)

Facing TWO felonies, we caught up with William to get the full story!


WATCH: Sebastian Bach, and Ace Frehley Cover Rock Classics at Cathouse Live Festival

Fan-shot footage of the all-star outfit performing songs like “Deuce” (seen above), “Mr. Brownstone,” “Search and Destroy” and “Jean Genie” (all seen below) have surfaced online.

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