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Don’t Tip The Backup Dancer When Your Wife Is In The Same Room

His friend’s little high-step maneuver is a perfect example of a ‘nope’ exit.


Is There A Secret Menu At McDonalds In Clarksville?

Tiffany and Tyler go out all morning to find out if any McDonalds have a “secret menu”


Someone Playing A Sousaphone Destroys The KKK March

I’ve never seen someone with a sousaphone and thought “There goes a hero” until today


Foo Fighters Had Their Doctor + Sully From Godsmack Perform With Them In Boston

Dave Grohl had his surgeon on to do a cover, then Sully from Godsmack!


BEST PRANK: Wakey Wakey With A Chainsaw!

The stuff nightmares are made of!


A Remote-Control Helicopter That Fires a Handgun

Some guy built a remote-control helicopter that fires a HANDGUN. It looks like a normal quadcopter, but there’s a gun attached to the front.


MUST SEE: Incredible Basketball Trick Shot!

That’s actually so difficult that I’m really impressed no matter how many times he tried before getting it.

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