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Watch: Cris Carter Told NFL Rookies To Have A ‘Fall Guy’ For Crimes

“You all are not going to all do the right stuff,” Carter says in the video. “So I got to teach you all how to get around all this stuff too. If you’re going to have a crew, one of those fools got to know he’s going to jail. We’ll get him out.”


Megadeth Jams Out “Symphony of Destruction” With School Of Rock Kids

MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson jammed with the School Of Rock Fairfax house band in Los Angeles, California on Friday


Footage Of Plane Crashing At Airshow In Shoreham

7 fatalities so far from this horrifying crash.


This Kid Has No Idea This Is His Mom’s “Toy”

Let the countdown begin until he finds out what it really was


Five Finger Death Punch Talk “Jekyll and Hyde” from ‘Got Your Six’ – Track by Track

Jeremy Spencer and Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch talk about the late night voicemail from Ivan Moody that became the basis and inspiration for “Jekyll and Hyde,”


UFC Fighters Attempt Ninja Warrior Obstacles

After a long day of training the boys decided to have some fun. A quick stop at the local obstacle course that was inspired by the show American Ninja Warrior.



HA!!!!! GOT EM!!!!


The Best DIY Project We’ve Ever Seen!

It’s a overhead control panel for this man’s computer, with every button is a shortcut.

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‘Rambo’ is coming to the small screen


"Rambo: New Blood" will be executive produced by the "Rocky" star, who will also appear in the series.

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REMIX: The Marvel universe as a rom-com


Envision a time where the Avengers gave up on the world-saving and just went full romantic comedy on us.

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George Lucas to new ‘Star Wars’ film: I’m your divorced father


"Star Wars" creator George Lucas, who was not involved in making the long-awaited new film, "The Force Awakens," said he is as ambivalent about seeing the movie as a divorced father would be about attending his child's wedding.