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MUST SEE: Redneck Leaf Burning

That’s one way to do it


Mesmerized By The Twerk

Where do I sign up for camera man?


MUST SEE: Nashville Predator Mike Fisher Punches A Tooth Out

Anaheim Ducks defenceman Kevin Bieksa loses a tooth during Fight with Mike Fisher Fight Vs Nasville Predators


LISTEN: Crimson Goes After Tyler On-Air After He Says “Wrestling Is Fake”

Word from the wise, never tell a Wrestler that his profession is fake!


This 18-Year-Old Drumming Prodigy Will Make Your Ears Bleed, With A Smile

18-year-old Senri Kawaguchi has been playing drums since she was five, and it shows.


WATCH: AMY LEE – “With or Without You” by U2

This sounds a lot like earlier Evanescence music. It’s beautiful.


MUSIC CHALLENGE: Write A Song, With ONE Fret

Anyone got the tabs to this?


VIDEO: Man Eating 10 McDonald’s Sandwiches Stacked

I didn’t want to watch this guy eat a stack of 10 McRibs at once… but I couldn’t look away!!


Stayin’ in Black (The Bee Gees + AC/DC Mashup)

Quite possibly the best thing that has happened to me today…. maybe even this week!!

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