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Don’t Fall Asleep in the Military

If you fall asleep in the military, you will be messed with. It’s the law…or something.


Man videos a UFO being Towed by a Semi

They weren’t being too top secret with escorting the “Flying Saucer”


This is the greatest reenactment of Terminator 2 of all time.

I loved where Sarah Connor escapes her cell (right after the lick, LOL) and the guy does that “run” that she does. Spot on.


Dryden Mitchell from Alien Ant Farm joins Tiffany and Tyler

Alien Ant Farm will be in Clarksville, Friday March 20th!


Drinking Games: Seniors vs. Seniors

When gaining a competitive edge, what matters most: years of boozing experience or a youthful lack of concern of personal well-being?


Drone Footage of Hang Son Doong in Vietnam, the largest Cave in the world.

It’s more than 5.5 miles long, comes complete with its own jungle and river.

fort campbell

Lieutenant Tyler Quinn from The Air Force has an emotional interview with Tiffany and Tyler about TACPs Funraiser

24 Hour Challenge is to raise awareness and support the family members of the fallen that sacrificed everything.


Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Audition for Each Other’s Movies

Will auditions for “Ride Along”, and Kevin auditions for “Anchorman”


First Look Clips of Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central Roast

Comedy Central Roast is airing on March 30th

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