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MUST SEE: Open Mic Night, and One STELLAR Performance

Pirate Joe had everyone going at the end of his song. Watch it here!


MUST SEE: Kid Nails Perfect 900

Narrator leaves a little to be desired though… How is he not excited?


Woman Crushing Three Watermelons Between Her THIGHS On Live TV

I worry about how she discovered she could do this….


Package Thief Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

What kind of jackass takes people’s mail off their doorsteps?


90’s Sign Language VHS Edited Into 3 Minutes Of Penis Jokes.

I can just imagine some guy spending hours on this and thinking to himself, “This is gonna be my big break”


Hot Girls Shot On The Butt With Hotdogs, Water balloons all in SLOW MOTION

Americans being American, doing American things


MUST WATCH: Eddie Vedder, Beyonce Duet on Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’

Vedder can cover any song better than just about anyone.


HOT: TEX VS MEX in the new Carl’s JR AD

Ass slapping and water chugging action!


HILARIOUS: Air Drummer On The Subway

Man, he’s going HARD!

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