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Michael Cipriani Busted At Baltimore Washington Airport For Stolen Valor

Because REAL VETERANS can see when people are lying


Minnesota Timberwolves just released the best crowd video from a game I’ve ever seen

On the night of KG’s return, one longtime fan was turning heads. Even KG couldn’t help but notice.


Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson Pretends to Have a Heart Attack While Talking About Weed

It was just a joke though . . . he was pretending to have a heart attack, because one of the other panelists was talking about the dangerous side effects of smoking weed.


Shawn Berner chats about “Sons Of Soldiers” with Tiffany and Tyler

The former Ft Campbell Football Coach has quite the story, so much they’re making a movie about it!


Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal

This will either put a massive grin on your face, or give you nightmares


A Guy Made a Selfie Video While He Was Pulled From a Wrecked Car

He broke his arm, his femur, his kneecap, BOTH ankles, and spent a month in the hospital.


House Explodes in New Jersey

Sh*tter was full


POV Cameras On Quadcopters As Race They Each Other Through The Forest

The lights on the back remind me of the Millennium Falcon

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