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Guy In A Stolen Truck Decides To Use It As A Monster Truck At A DUI Checkpoint

Oh this is in Canada.. I was wondering when the police were going to shoot the driver because their LIFE was endangered.


8ft, 250lb MONSTER Catfish Caught On Rhone River, France

I’m constantly surprised at the strength of fishingrods.



If I found this, I wouldn’t be able to stop until someone stopped me


POV: A Real Life Subway Surfer

How are his shoes so slippery?


REVENGE OF THE KIDS: Epic Star Wars Fight!

Lol I like the “parents’ view”


Anthony Vincent Covers Halestorm’s ‘I Miss the Misery’ in 20 Different Styles

He even gets a shout out from the band in the clip before showing off his incredible range.


MUST SEE: Lamb Of God Kills It On Jimmy Kimmel

It was funny that the TV Guide labeled them as “Christian Metal”


Donald Trump Has a Woman Inspect His Hair to Prove It’s Not a Toupee

Trump should shave his head, he’d look just like Lex Luthor!


Sink Hole Swallows 5 People In China

Love how the people walking by don’t bother to help.

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