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Never Flip off a Monkey

You’ll get a swift drop kick.


Surprise! I can walk!

A girl who was paralyzed surprises her favorite nurse… by standing up.


Veterans Watch 80’s Military Movies

“Cause that’s what we do overseas…. play volleyball shirtless….”



The only thing missing is, “Hey hold my beer and watch this!”


When Silverbacks Attack!

They’re going to need thicker glass…..

Dennis Quaid appears as a guest on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Dennis Quaid’s Freakout Video was just part of a Funny or Die Sketch

Dennis Quaid’s on-set meltdown video might have been a prank after all., watch the hilarious video here!


An Actor Does Some Great Impersonations of Robin Williams

An actor named Jamie Costa paid tribute to Robin Williams by posting a video where he does 20 great impressions of him.


ISIS Suicide Bomber Explodes in Mid-Air

As the truck took the hit, the explosives went airborne and exploded midway through the air.


Dennis Quaid Freaks Out On Set (Explicit Content)

He seemed to be mad about someone coming onto the set who shouldn’t have been there, but some people think it’s a prank from Jimmy Kimmel.

Latest Headlines

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Jason Alexander re-records George Costanza’s classic ‘Seinfeld’ answering machine message


"2 Broke Girls" star Kat Dennings gets a custom voicemail message based on the infamous answering machine song.

in Music

Warhol’s take on Bob Dylan, Lou Reed to be shown in Times Square


Andy Warhol's short films featuring the music legends will be screened on a big billboard in the Big Apple.

in Entertainment, Sports

Bruce Jenner: ‘I am a woman’


The retired Olympic champion confirmed long-running speculation suggesting he is transitioning from male to female.