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Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

Even Two-Year-Olds Love Dave Grohl

Yes, TWO!! And he loves the Foo Fighters. Check out this kid wailing away to “The Pretender”


Tuesday, June 23, 201506/23/2015

The Wait is Over!!

It’s been four long years since we’ve heard from Disturbed. From needing a break, to side projects, new babies…. But…


Tuesday, June 9, 201506/09/2015

A Dinner Party With John Snow

Ok, I am not a fan of Seth Meyers late night show. He was ok on SNL, but as a…


Tuesday, May 5, 201505/05/2015

THIS Is the Power of Music

This actually happened almost two years ago, but is making the social media circuit right now. This moved ME to…


Thursday, April 30, 201504/30/2015

Drugs Are Bad, M’kay?

Consider this a Public Service Announcement. This is Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts. Yes, Scott Weiland who as recently as…


Monday, April 27, 201504/27/2015

From the X-Files to the Age of Aquarius

David Duchovny returns to television in a new series about the hunt for Charles Manson. This looks good!


Friday, April 17, 201504/17/2015

Rambo Day? Makes for the BEST Bachelor Party Ever

Ok, actually it just makes for the best thing ever. EVER. Trust me, it’s worth the watch. Just mind your…


Thursday, April 16, 201504/16/2015

Official New Look at “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Ya know, this might actually NOT suck!!! The best part of this trailer by the way, is around the 1:35…


Tuesday, April 14, 201504/14/2015

Disturbed’s Greatest Hit

OK, so apparently this was done about a year ago and it’s getting noticed now. I’m so glad my brother…


Monday, April 13, 201504/13/2015

Look Out! This One’s a Screamer

I don’t know how this dude ever kept a straight face. Or avoided choking.


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